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1.2 Week – The Changes of Note


162x90genlogo 1.2 Week   The Changes of Note1.2 brings in a lot of changes, tweaks and fixes. Beyond the bigger issues that are easily identifiable I thought I’d alert you all to some of the minor changes that may have an affect on your game play.

Important Note – 1.2 no longer allows you to change your name, so whatever it is at the time of rollout is what you will be stuck with (barring support involvement).

Beyond that there are many changes, below I have separated some of them into relevant headings to better highlight how they may affect you.


  • Friendship is a two-way thing in this version. Firstly ‘Contacts’ have been renamed to the less corporate-sounding ‘Friends’, and the system now allows managers to send each other friend inviter
  • chat system; sorted users so that those wanting a match are at the top, followed by those with regular ‘online’ status, then ‘away’, then ‘playing’ and then ‘DND. (courtesy of The Rik Stewart School Of Excellent Suggestions and associated cohorts)

Add Ons

  • Performed a bit of an overhaul of match sounds. Now sounds fade in and out and the start and end of the match rather than abruptly stopping and starting, they play when looking at other tabs in the match screen and even other pages in the client while you are also in a match. Crowd sounds are also affected by the score, the crowd will get louder of their team is winning and quieter if they are losing.
  • Vibrante skin is now the default, the old skin is available for download under the add ons section.


  • Chat helpers are highlighted in green now.
  • Added code that stores the market value of a player when they are transferred. This can then be viewed either to gauge how a player’s MV has changed whilst they have been at a club or to help investigate older, potentially fraudulent transfers.
  • 4006 – Automatic Moderator Mailing list mail for matching IP transfers.


  • Rewrote the injury code so that it now takes into account user skills at the moment they are learnt. This means that if a player is injured and you subsequently learn a physio skill the time they are out injured will drop
  • Made a change so that now players can potentially recover immediately from thinking about leaving their club at the end of their contract if their situation improves fast enough
  • Removed Jumping from the Goalkeeper templpate on the filter dialog as jumping isn’t actually factored in to a goalkeeper’s ability to collect high balls etc!
  • Disabled the Determination Coaching skill, with all skill points being refunded (although determination ‘can’ change it never has).
  • Made a change so newly generated players will not progress until they have existed in the game world for at least 3 game months (1 week real time.)
  • made an adjustment to player wage calculation so that older players’ wage demands will now drop more quickly
  • Made a change to progression so that a goalkeeper’s eccentricity should now not change throughout his career
  • Set a maximum ban length for accumulative yellows so a player can now serve no more than a 3 match ban regardless of how many previous bans they have had in the competition (yes yellow cards return).
  • when a player is signed on trial, his visibility to other users on the player search page remains subject to their scouting skills.
  • only reveal how many clubs have shortlisted a player if the player is someone you own

Stadiums and Income

  • Made a change to the way fans buy tickets for matches so now, if there is a choice of seats available they will tend towards the nicer/more expensive seat
  • Inspired by Ben Talbott’s excellent work an extra area has been added to the stadium panel to show exactly how many empty seats there are in a stadium (and which types of seats these are.)
  • a team that has fewer than 16 players at midnight will not receive the full amount of daily income (general + stadium income), instead receiving no more than the minimum of their total wages
  • AI Penalties Note: As part of this fix, the code has also been reverted to an earlier system of imposing these penalties, where the specified prize money % is now just the maximum. This means that exceeding the AI match limit by a small fraction won’t impose the maximum fine – the maximum fine would only be imposed if the user had 100% AI.


  • 1.2 – courtesy of the legendary Kevin Turner, new technology stolen from FM in the dead of night means that tactical moves in FML should now be much quicker – perfect for those touchline managers who wish to flap about on the touchline like Martin O’Neil instructing their players to do this that and the other (watch out for some new options soon, by the way)
  • now displays pitch dimensions on the match ‘Overview’ tab. Not hugely conspicuous placed here, but at least there for those who want to know this information to help them make any tactical tweaks.
  • added option ‘Reshuffle Team’ to the tactics menu. What this does is what the old Optimizing Tactics… used to do, that used to annoy people and bring joy to them in equal measure. Well, ok, maybe just annoyed them Anyway, this is now an explicit option which is most useful if the manager has made wholesale changes to their formation, tactics, during a match, and what a quick way to get the system to rejig their line-up to suit.
  • greyed out substitution positions from the team selection menus if they aren’t going to be usable in a match, so that users don’t end up naming subs that cannot be brought on.
  • slight tweak to time-outs so that it’s easier to break-in to the match and call them, particularly just after a goal has been scored.


  • Added Newcommer Team of The Week and Mover of The Week awards.
  • goal of the week awards; when placing a vote for these, the popup now directly displays the clips for each goal as the user clicks on each possible selection.
  • when the Gameworld Champion signs in, be sure to announce this in the chat rooms.


  • place FA matches above non-FA matches in the opponents menu
  • tweaked opponents menu so that online opponents are at the top of the list, to encourage live play
  • made some changes to the scheduling of AI dates for knockout stages of competitions to ensure a more logical and even spread of fixtures, and to reduce the chances of bunching up of fixtures in the latter end of the competition which can lead to AI rights being awarded for some round almost as soon as the draw had been made for the round.


  • chat system; added controls to pause or flick backwards or forwards through the adverts in the market place.
  • don’t clutter up the Market Place, Tactics, TV Lounge and Help chat rooms with messages about results and people signing-in and out. The exception is when the GW Champion signs in; this is announced across all chat rooms.
  • made a small but significant change to wage auctions so that it is no longer possible to see how many bidders there are. This is intended to reduce instances of ‘copy bids’ where one user has gone to the trouble (or used their JP skill) to find a player and then others just jump on the bandwagon.
  • Exchange player feature – limit number of players that can be offered in exchange. [This has now been limited to 3 players]
  • As you can see lot’s of areas of the game have had little tweaks, for a more complete list of changes check out the FML Manual – http://manual.footballmanagerlive.com/

    Mark Burton

    Written By Mark Burton
    A moderator since May 2008 in a number of beta worlds and now GW Fowler, he strives to highlight the community aspects of FML and inform new & experienced users about future game development.
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