Jun 27

Special Guest on Future Podcast


GameWorldOne.com is currently in the process of arranging an interview with one of the development team of Football Manager Live – and we need questions from you, the players that make the game what it is.

This is your chance to directly question one of the dev. team at Sports Interactive about the game. We will try to pass on as many questions as possible to our guest, and get the answers to the questions you want to ask.

So. E-mail us through the usual channels, leave a comment on this page, or get in touch with Millie at the Sports Interactive forums or at the FM-Britain forums.

Written By Gameworld One.Com Staff
Teaching managers the ins and outs of Football Manager Live since gameworld one - our staff is made up of the most experienced users, beta testers and moderators found in the FML community.
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  • Mike O'Connor

    Could the SI team possibly answer the below Millie:

    * Could they elaborate on how they see Youth Academies, being introduced and when this might be?

  • Thanks lads. All comments are being logged, and we will ask as many as time allows to the guest. Not all will make the final cut of the show, but I'm sure we'll publish the answers to those questions we didn't get time to ask in the show.

  • Abdullah from nicholson

    I would like to see national teams in the gameworld availalbe for coaching.

    I think the achievements system should be revamped.No one really cares about achv. ATM

    Scrap off all the skills, replace them with Infrastructure and staff just like in real life,or atleast allow players to gain experience from official matches.

    a new match engine with 3d option would be nice, you just have to look at goal of the week contest to realise the the match engine can't produce that much varaity of goals.

    1 leg cup competitions should be played on a neutral ground, especially the game world cup

    Gameworld level competitions should have prize money.

    It would be nice to allow players to design their stadiums and view them in 3d.

    In wage auctions, have the players look at the club reputation and manager attributes when deciding to join a club.

    In all wage auctions, the bids must be considered max. bids. This will decrease the inflation of wages.

    Add a choice where you can lower your player's wage, but risk to lose him.

    A good solution for DYM's is accumilated fatigue. At the preseason your players will have moderate conditions, you have to play some friendlies to reach top condition. At the middle of the season the condition of your players will start to decrease, and if you have played them a lot of games at the beggining of the season then their condition will drop dramatically.

    Another solution for DYM's is the risk of injuries

    Sorry for the long commecnt & (sp) mistakes, but i wanted to put all my ideas out there.


  • 1. Looking at the future of FML, how do you plan to keep people's interest in the long run?

    2. How do you (or would you like to) see FML in 2015?

    3. What are the exact plans you've been talking about at the forums stating you are to invest in the older Gameworlds?

    4. How will you give new teams a fair chance at reaching the top within a certain amount of time in the older Gameworlds?

    5. With 1.2 due for release on Tuesday with some nice new features, what are the plans for 1.3 so far? Is the new Match Engine to be expected?

    6. The FA league systems currently are mainly 2 or 3 tiered. Will there be FAs with more tiers?

    7. What amount is on your monthly paycheck? :P

    8. Is there any chance for me to get into the Miller Beta Gameworld?

    9. Could I come over to the SI Towers in London for a look behind the scenes of FM and FML once?

    Last for me then; 10. Will the DYMs ever be forbidden? The rules say gambling isn't allowed and DYMs are gambling competitions.

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