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1.2 is just around the corner…


162x90genlogo 1.2 is just around the corner...The long-anticipated 1.2 update for Football Manager Live is on its way: the wait will soon be over. It has been announced for 30 June 2009. Put it in your diaries, book the day off work, and get your teeth into the new features.

One of the biggest headline changes this time is the new tactical interface (some call it the “wizard”) which, hopefully, will give users a whole new edge to their tactical play.

With that in mind, what are the major changes on the cards, and how will they affect the way you play the game? We’ll go into more depth with the specific features over the next week or so in this column and in the podcasts. For now, however, he is a brief overview of the key points to keep in mind:

1. Tactics skills are no more!
The new system pretty much rendered the tactics skills redundant. Since you now have so much control over sliders through the interface, it made little sense to limit people in such a restrictive and, frankly, unrealistic way. Don’t worry, however: the skills you have already built up will be refunded in the form of skills points which you will be able to spend immediately. Time to draft up a shopping list.

The tactics skills were always controversial. Some questioned their realism (surely a real life manager could tell a player not to take longshots without needing a UEFA qualification?); others saw tham as necessary for stopping people creating “super tactics” from the off. Whatever your views, the decision has now been made – so, it’s time to start planning for a future which doesn’t involve tactics skills and time to choose another learning route.

2. The “wizard” has replaced the default tactics

We will cover the new tactical interface in greater detail in due course on the podcasts and on the chalkboard. But let’s take a quick look now at what it is and the implications that has for you.

The system allows you to choose a formation, a style of play, passing style, creative freedom, marking system etc, and modifies the sliders of your tactic according to these instructions. This can then be saved as a tactic file, or you can simply keep the settings as they are and modify them before, during and after every match to get the best out of your players in any given situation.

You can also give individual roles and duties. So, is the player primarily an attacker, a defender or something in between? Is your DR a wing back or a full back? Your AMC a playmaker or more of an auxiliary striker? You can set up all of these instructions, and the game will modify the sliders to accommodate the settings you have chosen.

You can then tweak these to your preferences using the sliders as normal. This will give you tactic-heads the opportunity to hone the system and get an advantage over your opponents.

Or, if you prefer the old system the classic system is still there. Just use that and ignore the wizard completely. The new interface works by setting the sliders anyway – the only difference is that it works in words and footballing concepts and not in numbers, notches and check boxes.

3. Shout instructions

Instead of being bogged down with clicking sliders to tweak your strategies in-game, FML now has “shout” options so you can change strategies on the fly. Instructions such as “take a breather”, “push up” and “play wider” allow you to make intuitive changes in a couple of clicks without having to delve into the tactics screen. You can also change strategy on the fly to “defensive”, “counter”, “attacking” and so forth.

Subs can also be made in this way. And you can change the role of the man coming on: bringing on Crouch for Owen? Then you can change the FC from a quick forward to a target man with no fuss, and no need to go to the tactics screen.

I think you’ll agree these changes bring something new to the match day experience. Here at GameWorldOne.com we will bring you much more in-depth coverage of 1.2 over the coming weeks and ask where the game needs to go on from here. In tactical terms, if any of you have any questions, thoughts or comments please get in touch – have you played 1.2 in beta? Let us know!

Written By Gareth Millward
"Millie" is a long-standing member of the FM community and a co-founder of Gameworld One.Com. As part of FM-Britain, he was a contributor to TT&F and involved with the new tactical interface in FM2010.
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