Jun 24

Episode 22 – Realism in FML


Myron joins Gareth in the ‘virtual studio’ to discuss all things FML, including the 1.2 update, new gameworlds, the “realism factor” in FML, and as usual the e-mails and blog of the week.

“Studio” Guest:
Myron Shipp of many clubs in many worlds!

Topics of Discussion:
“Realism” in FML – let’s kill off DYM and get back to what football is really about!

Featured Community Blog of the Week
Fortuna Aeternitas


If you would like to submit a listener question, have your FML blog/site featured or can suggest any topics you’d like to hear discussed on the show – don’t hesitate to e-mail Jordan or Millie at podcast@gameworldone.com, leave a comment on the podcast page, or post in the podcast section of the FM-Britain forums.

Music provided by podsafeaudio.com under the creative commons licence and performed by the Crazy Ivans.

If you want to check out the blog on 1.2, then that’s available here: 1.2 blog by Marc Duffy

All the release notes are available on the Football Manager Live website.

Written By Gareth Millward
"Millie" is a long-standing member of the FM community and a co-founder of Gameworld One.Com. As part of FM-Britain, he was a contributor to TT&F and involved with the new tactical interface in FM2010.
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  • Thanks for the kind words. Yes, I do want to get things back to weekly. Plans are afoot to make sure we do get one out each week. More on that once it's confirmed.

  • Frank van Maasakker

    Hi Gareth,

    Great podcast! I hope you make one on a weekly basis. This one i liked very much because Myron made some very good comments how to keep the game alive. I mean his tips on DYM, regens and respawn players. Great show.

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