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What Makes a Good Full Back?


162x90genlogo What Makes a Good Full Back?What makes a good full-back? In Football Manager Live, it is often considered that full-back is a position that you can get away with having an average player for. That may be the case, but if you want to be a great team and want to nullify the threat of those world-class wingers, a good left/right back can be a massive advantage.

There are two types of full-backs that you are likely to come across. You’ve got your ‘Patrice Evras’ of the world and players like ‘Giorgio Chiellini’, who can often play as a central defender, too. The former example will have brilliant attacking instincts, often with brilliant pace. They have a habit of bombing forward with great frequency. The latter will be much more reserved and hold a much deeper position in defence. You should sign the type of full-back that suits your particular tactics.

Attacking Full-Back

If it’s an attacking full-back that you desire, they should have certain stand out attributes. Pace and acceleration are a must, as is stamina. It’s no good running up and down the flank if they run out of breathe by half time. Like all defenders, they must have decent tackling and anticipation, so that they can judge when to go forward. Crossing and dribbling are also required. Technique and First Touch are always useful ones to have, too. Here is a rundown of these attributes, as well as a good level to have them at:

Acceleration, Pace –15
Stamina, First Touch – 14
Crossing, Dribbling, Technique – 13
Anticipation, Tackling – 12

These can vary due to age and the level the club is playing at.

Defensive Full-Back

Important for the more cautious managers, a defensive minded full-back can be equally important in the search for that vital win. This kind of player must have good Positioning, while having high Tackling and Marking attributes. High Concentration is a bonus, too. Again, it is ideal if they have decent pace, as well as fairly good aerial ability.

Tackling – 15
Positioning – 14
Marking, Concentration – 13
Pace, Acceleration – 12
Heading, Jumping – 11

As mentioned earlier, you may get away with certain stats being a little low if other stats even it up, or if the player is young or playing at a lower level.

One of the keys to a good full-back is to have the right type for your tactics. Hopefully, this guide will help you get a little closer to meeting your ambitions in FML.

Written By Tom Hales
Tom is a long-term FML player with an interest in scouting and finding great talent. You can follow the fortunes of his team at, his FML side's official blog.
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  • Rtburley

    I'm a right full back completely defensive minded. The left full back on my team is mostly attack minded. Doesn't sound modest but I am a very fast runner. I can clear the ball easily not afraid of 1v1 or taking a hard hit or dishing a hard hit out. My coach says I'm being wasted up the back because of my speed, however I lack a fair amount of ball skill (dribbling) I think I'm better suited to the position I hold now though. What would be your advice? I think with some more training I could make a brilliant full back. Thanks :)

  • alen dedja

    i hate newcastle

  • stevendavidson

    hi would you class attacking full back as wing back also how do i become a member of this site im a noob

  • An attacking full back can be a wing back, if you intend for him to do a lot more crossing and dribbling. However, you can also just play a full back with an attacking duty, and he will play slightly differently, feeding in midfielders rather than looking for the overlap with the winger.

    There's no real "membership" of as such - we don't have any forums or any registration requirements. But if you're interested in contributing to the site, we're always looking for volunteers! Check out:

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