May 20

Episode 21 – Federation Structures


This your weekly dose of news, notes and strategical insight into the universe of Football Manager Live. The show covers all the latest developments in FML, happenings in and around the gameworlds, how-to tips and the featured community blog of the week, answering listener submitted questions – strategy, tactics, opinions and issues on the minds of FM Live managers. On this installment of the podcast…

“Studio” Guest:
Michael Lowes, of Durham City Harriers in Shearer.

Topics of Discussion:
Federations – where do we go with them?

Featured Community Blog of the Week
Relegation Fodder’s Skill Planner


If you would like to submit a listener question, have your FML blog/site featured or can suggest any topics you’d like to hear discussed on the show – don’t hesitate to e-mail Jordan or Millie at, leave a comment on the podcast page, or post in the podcast section of the FM-Britain forums.

Music provided by under the creative commons licence and performed by the Crazy Ivans.

Those links we promised…

State of the Game Blogs – Forum Link
Golden Joystick (not GamesMaster) – Forum Link

Written By Gareth Millward
"Millie" is a long-standing member of the FM community and a co-founder of Gameworld One.Com. As part of FM-Britain, he was a contributor to TT&F and involved with the new tactical interface in FM2010.
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  • Calm down. I'm not dead. Just incredibly busy. :)

    All will be revealed over the next couple of weeks.

  • Plopmaster

    argh where have you gone!????

  • John Rivett

    Missing your tones Millie, Whens the next fantastic pod cast incoming?

  • Rik

    Is this making it's way to itunes? :)

  • Spinsaweb

    The "English" FA - already gone through some changes since the description you talked about, mostly changing names. At present it will be called the Real FA :)

    In essence it will go ahead next season in Fowler - along with some other changes.

    Once again, nice podcast.

  • Michael Lowes

    For those that can't remember!

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