May 12

What Makes a Good ‘Keeper?


162x90genlogo What Makes a Good Keeper?Everyone knows that a team needs a good backline to have any success and that is no different in Football Manager Live. Goalkeepers are the last line of defence and, like a top-class striker, they can win you games.

There are two attributes that I believe are a must for a good stopper – Handling and Reflexes. Without having those to at least a decent level would probably render them pretty useless. Of course, that isn’t to say that as long as they have high Handling and Reflexes that nothing will ever get past them. It is about recognising the ‘package’ of attributes that the keeper has to offer.

Another attribute that is vital is Positioning. As you can see, this means that while a goalkeeper might have outstanding stats in their Goalkeeper Attributes (the first of the three columns of attributes on a player’s profile) they still need decent ability both mentally and physically. Positioning will show their ability to be in the right place when facing danger and is a basic instinct for most goalkeepers.

So, now you know what makes the base of a good keeper, let’s have a look at the many layers that must be added on top. Next up is Aerial Ability. If the goalkeeper in question has good Aerial Ability, he will be better equipped to deal with crosses and free kicks that are whipped into the box. The attribute that goes with this would be Jumping. There’s no point in having good aerial ability if you can’t jump high enough to compete for the ball.

Communication is another very important attribute, despite many top keepers not being recognised for this particular trait. This is a goalkeeper’s ability to keep their defence organised and minimise confusion resulting in less chance of danger arising.

One on Ones is the final piece of the jigsaw. This is a goalkeeper’s ability to stay calm and react well when in a position where it is just him opposing the last attacker.

A goalkeeper with these attributes (combined with fairly high stats in other areas) should be competent enough to play between the sticks at your club:

Handling, Reflexes –15
Position – 14
Aerial Ability – 13
Jumping – 15
Communication – 13
One on Ones – 13

If you manage get a keeper with higher stats in these areas then that’s brilliant. He’ll be able to keep you going strong for some time. Just remember that having a good combination of attributes is vital – not just for a goalkeeper but for any player.

Written By Tom Hales
Tom is a long-term FML player with an interest in scouting and finding great talent. You can follow the fortunes of his team at, his FML side's official blog.
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  • Club Mondiale

    Am i right in thinking i heard Marc (or was it Rob) saying that height is now slightly more important than it used to be as well?

  • Thanks for all the info you sent me Mark. At least I'm not the only one who didn't realise that jumping wasn't relevant :D

  • Spinsaweb

    - 1.2 3961 - Removed Jumping from the Goalkeeper templpate on the filter dialog as jumping isn't actually factored in to a goalkeeper's ability to collect high balls etc!

    From the change notes for 1.2 - Jumping isn't important for a Keeper apparently.

  • The more you know, eh? This is why we hired you. :p

  • Spinsaweb

    Nice article Tom, but one little flaw :(
    Jumping is not relevant for keepers -

    Shocking i know - but it's all factored into Aerial Ability, so you can ignore Jumping when looking for keeper :)

  • Is it? Or is aerial ability like "heading", while jumping remains like... er... "jumping" for centre backs?

    Genuine question. I have no idea. :D

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