May 09

1.1.4 announced


A very, very minor update for everyone, just to tie up a few loose ends before the eventual release of 1.2. And, no, we still don’t know when SI are going to release that!

Only a couple of little changes, mainly to do with bugs, including one that made the client crash when confirming stadium improvements after you had switched gameworlds.

This is, according to SI and SEGA, the last update before 1.2. The next time we’ll be writing on this site about an update being implemented, it’s going to be the big one!

It is such a minor update, it’s not even worth quoting Marc Duffy’s post on the official SI forums. Instead, here’s the link to the change list, which I think you will agree is very much a tiny spot of polish rather than a major deep clean of the game’s systems.

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