May 08

Upcoming FML Tactical Wizard


162x90genlogo Upcoming FML Tactical WizardIn the face of bitter sweet victory Loops goes asymmetric, Chelsea play defensive and Guus heads East in an all new FLAAAAAAVOUR OF THE WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEK!

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Hey everyone, the topic this week is the FML Tactical Wizard, a feature incoming in the next major update 1.2 to FML.

The Tactics System…cause of many a computer-aimed yell, a head scratch of puzzlement or simply a blank mind. The multiple sliders, tick boxes and arrows were just not user friendly and many people felt that their input nowhere near matched the output. Out of this confusion formed the Tactics Theorem and Frameworks, an annual guide to the brains behind the swine.

I’ve taken some time over in the Beta to mock up some tactics. I’ve found the new experience a delight. The tactics wizard takes this theorem and provides managers with a user friendly way to define exactly what they are expecting from their players. Gone are the sliders; in come drop down boxes and radio buttons with full explanation of each option in plain English.

The explanations are great. Not only does it tell you what the position entails, it highlights the specific attributes a player needs to be able to excel there. One thing missing is the ability to jump from the tactics, straight to a player search, something I think I may trademark now…

This new feature will help retain customers in the long term, if they know that they may not be the best, but can damn well hang in there with the best, then they are willing to give a little more to the game, for that special day of success, made even more possible from the help the tactics wizard provides.

Some have called this FML “Dumbing down”. I disagree entirely. For an MMO game to succeed it must remove as many barriers to entry as possible. Any functionality that helps even the most inexperienced manager achieve a small amount of success is a positive change and one we should all embrace.

One thing is certain: there will be a backlash. But to be honest, how many years have we seen this from SI? They bring in new features, people dislike them but eventually come round…this will be no different.

Join me for a next week for an all new Flavour of the Week!

Written By Philip Sinkins
Philip "Frootloops" Sinkins writes the regular column "flavour of the week". A long-term FML player, he has been around numerous gameworlds and is currently residing in St John.
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  • I'm looking forward to trying this out. A lot of people think that the 1.2 update has no really prominant features but, as an outsider in terms of the current beta GWs, I seem to be one of the few people that think this could be a really big feature and i can't wait to start playing with the shout buttons etc.

  • Spinsaweb

    The new wizard is a great step forward in getting rid of some of the mystery behind the sliders, sure they'll be some who don't like it - but i suspect the majority will give it a thumbs up.

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