Apr 29

Welcome to GW1.com!


Welcome to GameWorldOne.com, your first stop for all things FML!

GW1.com has been set up by Jordan Cooper and Gareth Millward, perhaps better known to you as the hosts of the Get Sacked! FML Extra Podcast and staff members at FM-Britain.

Since the FML community has grown, we have decided to launch an independent site to host he Get Sacked! podcast, and draw on the writing talents of managers old and new from across the FML universe. Alongside the weekly podcasts, expect to hear the latest news, opinions, strategies, hints, tips, players and developments from what we hope you’ll agree are some of the best writers on the newly evolving FML scene.

GW1.com is a cross between a traditional Football Manager fan site, a blog and a magazine. Aiming to bring you regularly updated and up-to-the-minute content, GW1.com releases articles on a daily basis throughout the working week. Our main correspondents have their own columns where they deliver you the best FML content every week. You can comment on these articles, join the debate or even submit your own stuff to us!

Central to the site is the Get Sacked! FML Extra Podcast, returning after its Easter break. Gareth Millward is the new main host, and will be chatting to guests every Wednesday to bring you the latest news and views from the FML universe. Other original highlights include Mark Burton’s regular column on Mondays on the latest advances in FML’s “continuous development model” in Dark Matter in the FML Universe; our tactical tips and comments section The Chalkboard on Thurdays; Philip “FrootLoops” Sinkins review of the latest goings on around the forums in Flavour of the Week; and regular scouting updates from Tom Hales in his Scouting Report. We’ll also be hearing from A Mods Life blogger Nik Reeves-McLaren, competition organisation and creation advice from Rik Stewart, and we have much more in the pipeline for the coming weeks and months.

If you’d like to get involved, just get in touch with us or with any of our contributors!

On top of our regular features, we also have a number of correspondents voicing their opinions and offering advice. We also aim to work on a number of guides and tutorials for FML managers, just like you’d expect from any good, traditional FML fan site. And we keep a close eye on the forums and the official word from SI and SEGA to provide the latest developer news: so you should never feel out of the loop.

A number of our correspondents are long-term FML players, and have been involved with the initial beta testing phase, the current testing of new features, and even moderators in the liver retail gameworlds. So, as soon as we’re allowed to let you know, we’ll bring you all the latest game changes and what that means for your strategy, your finances and your club.

If you want regularly updated content, informed opinion, the latest news and FML’s premier fan-made podcast, then GW1.com really is your first stop for all things FML!

Written By Gameworld One.Com Staff
Teaching managers the ins and outs of Football Manager Live since gameworld one - our staff is made up of the most experienced users, beta testers and moderators found in the FML community.
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