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The Off-Season Checklist


162x90genlogo The Off Season ChecklistSo, you’re an FA Organiser. Woohoo! You’ve read the FAO Doc/ instructions five times over but you appreciate that you can’t have much in the way of play or practice before the current season ends and then the clock is ticking to get things put in place prior to the next season beginning.

The following checklist was put together in some sort of vague order so you can prioritise and maybe check off items on the list to ensure that you have covered all bases prior to the 8pm start of the season without any last minute panics.

This does not replace the FAO Guide Document in any way.
The most important part of organising is collaborations. Getting to know your co-organisers and FA moderators is very important to the art of organising. Simple things as letting your collaborators knowing what you’re about to do and what you’ve done stops things from being done twice (or more) and makes it easy for people to find any errors. It’s also recommended that any decisions that are made are broadcast to all FA members (via mail or blog) to ensure that everything is transparent and everyone is involved.The Off-Season Checklist (use in conjunction with FAO Doc)

  • Set up all playoff competitions as friendly private competitions prior to the season ending (as soon as possible). These are not official due to limitations on hosting comps in off-season. Ensure that the semi finals and finals are different stages/ phases. Suggest making the length of the stages as short as possible. Mail to all users in FA explaining that they will be invited to take part in the playoffs and if they do not respond then they will forfeit their playoff place.
    Take screenshots of each Cup & League final standings. Import into FA blog and let all of the FA know where to see the blog to see final standings.
  • Check teams AI% does not exceed that allowed + 25% in the league via the “league stats – team stats” menu (take screenshots of these for reference in the following season). For example, if allowable AI% is 40% then take a note when 65%. Anyone with AI+25% is relegated (and denied promotion/ playoffs/ UFFA) and note to be made on managers public notes with exact league AI% and FA. If it is the second instance of failure to meet AI within the FA then they get removed from the FA.
  • Anyone who has not signed in for one month or more may be removed from the FA (except first season). Within Casual FAs this only applies if the number of players in their team is 12 players or less too.
  • All leagues and cups must be reset after taking screenshots. Anyone leaving the FA will now be missing.
  • Work out who need to be put in the playoffs and invite them to enter the friendly comps created. Give people the maximum amount of time to respond before pressing ahead. Leave this to run.
  • Work out who is definitely promoted and within the “members” tab of the competition you right click on promoted teams and select “transfer” then check “promotion”. Likewise with relegation. Likewise with those that win their playoffs.
  • Meanwhile as spaces open up you must advertise the FA. This is an option under the “host” tab – “announce”. This places a message in the FA Mailing List. When people join up they will show up in the FA profile screen – “members” tab – “unassigned to league”. It is a good time here to send each newbie a welcome message. You can then right click and allocate to all the cups and a bottom tier league (allocate to league last).
  • If you need more people then look to see who is online and not in an FA and open a chat with them to ask if they like the sound of your FA.
  • You need to ensure that there are enough teams to make up each league so need to promote (rather than unrelegate) extra from leagues below. You may also need to transfer people from bottom tier leagues to even out numbers if short.
  • Anyone who is relegated to the Championship needs to be added to the “Non-Prem Cup” and anyone being promoted to the Prem needs to be removed from the Non-Prem Cup.
  • You can check how many people have entered into each comp and max size of comps on the “competitions” tab of the FA Profile page.
  • Suggest deletion of any old comps no longer used.
  • All youth competitions must be reset and all teams removed (to ensure that people are entering a full squad intentionally). You then must ask all people interested to mail you. It is possible to mail all teams (via the comp – mail all members) prior to removing all teams – saves a right click later. Suggest starting U21 comps one week after season start until Season three.
  • Any ideas for new competitions must be discussed amongst the FA – maybe add a vote to make it formal. Get approval for the inclusion of new competitions from a moderator within your FA before you go ahead. Remember to keep the FA identity in terms of name and colour scheme. Suggest rolling out competitions one or two at a time so as not to confuse members.
  • The number of UFFA places will be released by a moderator for each FA. Allocate Gold cup places to the top sides in the Prem. Allocate Cup Winners Cup places to those that won the most prestigious cups in the FA. Allocate Silver Cup places primarily to the highest placed Prem places. If someone leaves the FA they forfeit their UFFA place.
  • Finally report or organise the reporting of the league and cup final standings of the previous season.
  • 24 hours before a season starts all teams are locked into FAs and money is assigned to all FAs. Essentially the leagues and cups are already set up in terms of %’s for places so it’s only numbers of teams that will affect whether this is still correct. Suggest starting with the Prem and adjusting the total prize fund until the winners get exactly £1m. Then suggest adjusting all bottom tier leagues total prize money so that the minimum prize money is £250k. Adjust other tiers total prize money to suit somewhere in between. All leagues are to pay out daily, not as a lump sum.
  • Check how much money is available for prize money and divide up between remaining comps putting emphasis on bigger comps that more people have entered.
  • Moderators within your FA are to approve competitions before you can start them – they will check through everything and feed back to you if anything needed changing and why.
Written By Rik Stewart
A long-standing beta tester for FM Live, Rik is a moderator on GW Hoddle and responsible for their game world blog at hoddlelegends.blogspot.com.
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