Apr 29

Introduction – A Mod’s Life


162x90genlogo Introduction   A Mods LifeSo – welcome to my new column here on GW1.com! Some of you may know me as Super Bladesman, from the SI Games forums, while some of you may know me as Nik the Mod, from FML’s first ever blog, FML: A Moderator’s Life. A select few thousand of you may even have felt the fear of facing my Frecheville Blades side on the field of battle in one of the many Gameworlds I have been mediocre in, and hence may know by my real name…

The original blog will still continue, so the regular readers of that can both rest easy. Over there I will be continuing to follow the progress of my hardworking Blades and that side of my FML life. Here, however, I will be talking more about what it is to be an FML moderator, and all that that entails.

It’s been a real joy for me to have been a moderator in FML for over a year now. It has helped me to meet loads of great people – some of my fellow moderators now count amongst my closest friends, and beyond that the vast majority of the normal paying public have been terrific too. I won’t go into a soppy roll-call of names, but I’d like to think some people remember me well too!

Of course, this isn’t the kind of daisy-picking back-rubbing that is going to get people to come over here and read my gibberish. Oh no, if you’re reading this, maybe the scent of naughty blood is already wafting into your nostrils. You want to know about my enemies more than about my friends, how things look from a mod’s perspective, and most of all – the juicy details.

Of course, I’m far too professional to ever name names but there have been a fair few things that have touched me over the 19 months I’ve been involved with Football Manager Live. The most recent of these is pretty fresh still – the banning of two young lads from one of the beta worlds.

This was a useful experience, in the sense that we uncovered a bug or two in the code for disciplinary actions, but beyond that it was quite an unpleasant scenario. One lad had made claims about another user, though there wasn’t any evidence to back him up in the chat logs. When the decision didn’t go in his favour, he became quite abusive and aggressive; perhaps this was a defensive response to the fact he’d actually been trying to set the guy up…

After a few weeks, it had to stop – people get very emotional about things sometimes, and they forget the dominance they can obtain over the public chatrooms within FML. The chatrooms are there for everyone to use, and are not suitable for a prolonged discussion of private disciplinary matters.

We also have to be careful with swearing – it generates a negative atmosphere. Plus a chatroom full of **** and ****, combined with a few ******, **** and ****s doesn’t make for fun online gaming. When the lads started sending gameworld-wide mails publicly slating us mods, and calling most of us a rude name. I forget what it was now, but it was something like rock, dock, sock… something like that.

Anyway, I stepped in at this point. Until then, it had been the other mods dealing with the issue – I intervened as the neutral party. Telling someone that their time as a beta tester has just come to an end is never much fun, but making the gameworld a better place for the majority is what I do…

Written By Nik Reeves-McLaren
It's a Mod's Life author Nik Reeves-McLaren is a moderator in Coppell. His long-running blog tracks his experiences as a mod, as well as providing the latest information on changes in the FML universe.
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