Apr 14

New Beginner Gameworld Launching!


A new beginner gameworld named “Drurie” will open today at 11am according to Rob, the SEGA community officer. This is good news for all prospective FML players who want to start their careers in a brand spanking new world!

Speculation on the official forums had been rife for a few days now about when exactly a new world would be launched. As seems to be current policy, however, SI and SEGA remained very tight lipped about the specifics until very close to the opening date.

As with all things FML, don’t believe the myths about having to log on 4 seconds after launch to pick up the best players. All squads have some automatically selected players, so whether you join now or just before fed-lockdown, there should be enough quality players to allow you to compete.

Added to this, the new gameworld will have a 10 day pre-season instead of the usual 7 days. So, no rush, and plenty of time to get your side sorted for the new season.

This is a beginner gameworld, and will only be open to new subscriptions.

For more information, check out the official thread at the official forums. Here’s what Rob “Bertie G” Barns-Graham has to say:

We’re pleased to announce that a new beginner gameworld called Durie is due to be launched at about 11am this morning.

As a Beginner gameworld, this gameworld will only be accessible for new subscribers.

Instead of the normal 7 days, pre-season in this gameworld will be at least 10 days long.
This may be extended at a later date if deemed necessary.

We wish all managers joining this gameworld the best of luck with their new teams.

The Football Manager Live Team

Written By Gameworld One.Com Staff
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